Your one stop for truck leasing, contract maintenance, and truck rentals. Price Idealease's fleet of trucks and tractor are ready to serve you and your customers. Idealease combines the ability to service individual customers as well as entire fleets; we offer the most qualified technicians and diagnostic technology available in the transportation industry.

Transportation Solutions and Product Offerings

Full Service Lease

Fair market value lease, all scheduled maintenance and a variety of services including licensing, registration, fuel tax reporting, fuel cards, substitute vehicles and washing

National Account Program

Access to full-service leasing, contract maintenance, logistics services, and many other support options. A complete transportation solution designed especially to fit the unique needs of large, multi-location companies.

Contract Maintenance

A comprehensive maintenance program covering all parts and labor, preventative maintenance programs, tire repair and replacement. And priority service during downtime.

Emergency Breakdown Service Network

When accidents happen, Price Idealease is on the scene. Service Coordinators are standing by on our 24-hour emergency hotline. They will connect you to the nearest Idealease location or network service provider, and if necessary arrange for roadside assistance.

Rental Services

When there is a short-term spike in demand, Idealease give you the option of renting additional vehicles. Choose from a variety of equipment at competitive rates.

Safety and Compliance Training

D.O.T. driver certification and facility auditing, driver training programs, safe driver recognition programs, audition of driver logs and other documentation, drug screening informative safety newsletters, and on-site risk assessments.

Fuel Purchasing Programs

Fuel savings is another way Idealease adds cash to your bottom line. The Idealease Fleet Service Fuel Card provides customers access to quality fuel at over 43,000 locations across the country.

Additional Services Offered

Vehicle Licensing and Permitting
Substitute Vehicles
Vehicle Washing
Fuel Tax Reporting

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